The joys of chooks in your backyard – why chooks are better than computer games

Sentimental as Anything

O chook

My son absolutely loves it when we visit his grandparents.

My parents live “in the suburbs” – but for my son it’s like a trip to the country – because his grandparents have chooks in the backyard.

For overseas readers – chooks are what we call chickens in Australia.

When I was a kid we and most people in our street had chooks in the back yard.

O egg

I love seeing my son get  so excited about collecting eggs.

He thinks he’s so cool because we don’t have to buy eggs from a supermarket – we get them fresh!

He loves getting me  to “feel” when an  egg is still warm.

“Straight from the chook’s bum!” we say.

eggs in bowl

At home, I often have trouble getting my son off the computer or away from the TV. He’s constantly glued to some type of screen device.

At grandma’s he prefers chooks…

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