Were YOU a pinball kid?

Sentimental as Anything

Were you a pinball kid?

Do you light up when you see an old pinball machine?

I must say, I got excited when I saw this vintage pinnie at a café in Bris-Vegas.


It was funny – there was a mum with her daughter at another table and I could tell the mum was getting exited at showing her daughter the joys of pinball. I’m sure  the mum was more exited than the daughter.

I’m definitely going to bring my son to this café –  because he is always asking me about how things were “in the olden days”.

I can’t wait for him to experience the joys of pinball – the lights, the sounds, the physicality of operating the flippers!

Plus, I might stand a chance at beating him at this old-school game. He is sooooo good at his home video games.

We went to a great 80s exhibit…

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