Who remembers Hobbytex and “creating” your own t-shirts?

Sentimental as Anything

At a fun family catch-up this morning – my folks and my brother and I were telling my son Orlando about “the olden days” when you would create your own T-shirts.

These days you can buy such a range of cool kids T-shirts but back in the 70s you’d often make your own and you would often use those tubes of paint – Hobbytex.

hobby tex

Now as far as I can remember – I never wore a Hobbytex painted shirt.

Here’s a photo the type of cool motorbike shirts I would wear! 🙂


My mother had some amusing stories – about other families of course!! 🙂

younger bev mum

My son laughed at the stories of how another mother wanted to get her son a Superman shirt and so she got a hobbytex-ed drawing of Superman.

This other mother’s  son proudly wore the hobbytex-ed Superman shirt  – but…other kids kept punching the boy in…

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