How do you pronounce Adidas? and How it got its name

Sentimental as Anything

TB adidas

Were you into Adidas gear?

I was – especially at high school.  And even these days when I drop my kids at school I see dads in Adidas gear.

I got back into it because I spend so much time  kicking balls around with my son – and to try to keep fit (so I can keep up with my kids!)

I am in no way connected with Adidas – I’m just interested in popular culture and yes, as a kid I was into Adidas. So I guess it reminds me of my youth.

Anyway, at my kids’ school one dad jokingly calls me Run DMC when I wear my hoodie.

That prompted a “dad conversation” with all-important questions such as:

How do you pronounce Adidas, I asked him.

“Ad-DEE-das” or “AD-ee-das”?

Being a bit of a word nerd, I wanted to find out.

C and TB train

Like a lot of Australians…

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