More random fun, “geeky” stuff about calculator spelling

Sentimental as Anything

So many fascinating facts about calculator spelling.

In a previous post I wrote about how I hadn’t thought about calculator spelling since the 1970s – until this week when I was trying to “entertain” my son who was starting at a new school.


I started doing some “research” on the phenomenon of calculator spelling and found out all sorts of amazing, random facts – well random at least!

The Hollies released an album called 5317704.


To those fluent in the language of calculator spelling – that is of course HOLLIES upside down!

I even found out about a Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot who has a song called 80085.


I will definitely have to check him out – sounds interesting to me –but then again I also like calculator spelling.

There are similar “Nerd” gags in shows like Big Bang Theory where Raj’s favourite number is 5318008.

BIg Bang Theory

Anyway, I was interested…

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