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Do you remember retro games like Battleship? Check out these “treasures”

Sentimental as Anything

Did you ever play this as a kid?

The other night my family was visiting another family (from school) and I spotted this on a shelf – partially hidden under other things.

I couldn’t help myself – and had to take a closer look.


Yes, it was the original Battleship game – not a newer model – but the same one I had as a kid.

The retro art work brought back so many memories. I bought my son a newer version – but it just wasn’t the same!

I was impressed how this fellow dad had kept all the pieces together for so long.

This takes discipline. I don’t even know what happened to my old Battleship game!

Yet this dad played the retro version of this game with his son – AND he kept all the pieces together.

BS pieces

Don’t you love the clean-cut retro cover? How “the girls”…

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What’s your favourite board game?

Sentimental as Anything

What’s your favourite board game?


Do you have happy memories of board games? My two kids love them –

especially Trouble, Snakes and Ladders and Scrabble.

I recently got “re-introduced” the simple joys of these games when I was recovering from a torn Achilles tendon. I was not very mobile but I could sit and play board games – and luckily my two kids also loved playing board games.

We have a modern version of Trouble – but when I visited my mother-in-law, I found a ”retro” Trouble that my wife would have played when she was a kid.

Wasn’t the retro version cool with the funky colourful font?


These days my wife doesn’t PLAY trouble – she IS trouble! Did I actually write that or just think it? Don’t tell her or I’ll be in trouble.

I’m such a “teaching nerd” I use Scrabble to teach…

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Why we love the early #Cure – how songs are always the same – again and again and again and again!

Sentimental as Anything

If you are reading this you are probably a fan of The Cure – and you’ll get the “reference” in the title.

A Forest

I loved The music of The Cure when they first became famous – and I’ve been listening to them again a lot recently.

I’m listening to the Cure as I write this blog – Jumping Someone Elses’s Train.

That song includes the lyrics:

It’s always the same and again and again and again

And in The Forest we hear:

It’s always the same

I’m running towards nothing

Again and again and again and again…and again and again and again and again and again and again….and again.

On reflection, I reckon part of The Cure’s success was due to the repetition – repeating musical lines again and again and again and again. There is variety – but there is also a lot of repetition.

Many of the great bass…

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What did you wear at the beach or pool before the rash vest?

Sentimental as Anything

What did you wear at the beach or pool – before rash vests?

Did you just go without any “extra covering”?

I found an old beach fun photo of my brother and me skimboarding and wearing  “pre-rashie” protection organised by our mother – good old white Bonds singlets.

before rashies

At least she could have put is in worker blue singlets to look more macho! Not just little white singlets!

Just joking mum – it was probably a good idea at the time.

But  – How uncool!

What did YOU wear at the beach or pool?

Noosa rashie

I remember surfing (or at least trying to surf) in the 80s and usually going without a rashie – maybe an old T-shirt if you were out there for a while.


When you are a parent – you are constantly covering up your kids with sun protective clothing.

]O rashie 2

I just wish I had cool…

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