For those who love Spitfires – the ecstasy of high flight – soaring words

Sentimental as Anything

Are you one of those people who grew up loving Spitfires?

Spitfire roundel

I was one of those kids who grew up in Australia being fascinated by the WWII plane – even in the 70s when jets had replaced the prop planes.

I was one of those kids who loved the Spitfire model plane kits.

Even now as a dad, one of the Christmas presents I got most excited about – was a Spitfire kit. I’ll make it with my son and introduce him to the Spitfire too.

Model Ps MP

These days I’m a word nerd who trains people to help  improve their speeches and writing.

word nerd CU

This week my love of speeches intersected with my love of Spitfires.

This week was the 28th anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster and I was reminded of Ronald Reagan’s assuring address to the nation.

His speech borrowed from the famous words of “The Spitfire Poet” – 

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