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More amazing things about toast and toasters

Sentimental as Anything

In a previous post, I wrote about how a visit to a cool cafe adorned with retro toasters inspired me to ponder the importance of toasters and toast.

black toast

B toast 2

B toast sign

I was amazed to find that the toaster has also been used as a percussion instrument – and there is even a song about TOAST s you can enjoy here:

There is even a town in North Carolina called Toast

Toast town

When I travelled to Singapore, I was surprised to find a food chain that specialises in…you guess it!  TOAST.

Plus their range of popular spreads for toasts.Coming from a “toast” culture like Australia – toast is commonplace for me – but I can understand to other cultures toast can seem an “exotic” treat.

Toast-Box singapore

I also pondered how different expressions have been inspired by toast:

Of course – there’s warm as toast 

I was familiar with expressions such as You’re Toast

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Test your knowledge WD-40, KT26, RP7, TIE Fighter – do you know what the letters and numbers stand for?

doubleshot media

Do you like to know what different names (letters and numbers) stand for?

As a kid you wanted to know what  the letters in the Star Wars AT-AT stood for.

You researched to find out the meaning behind  the letters in the name R2-D2!

Yes, you were a “detail nerd”!


Many people in this world like to know what different letters and numbers stand for.

As a young man (wearing KT26 shoes and using WD-40 on my car and before that my bike) I prided myself on knowing what different names stood for.


Even these days when I sit through serious business presentations – I feel more satisfied when there’s a good explanation of the story or meaning behind a product or service name. Many business people  have the same need for explanation.

This is my serious side!

If you don’t already know – or if you’d like to know more:

With WD-40 – the

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