Do you know what other things “Debbie does”? #Cyclone Debbie

You’ve probably noticed lots of “Debbie does…” headlines with the coverage of Cyclone Debbie.




debbie d 2.jpg

I was aware of the existence of the ‘film’ Debbie Does Dallas – even if I hadn’t seen it (honest!).


I suspect many other people are aware of the title Debbie Does Dallas – but know little else. I googled it and found some interesting (and IMHO amusing) facts.

  1. The adult movie from 1978 is one of the most famous movies of its kind.

2. There is even a musical called Debbie Does Dallas – The Musical. 

3. Neither the movie nor the musical featured Larry Hagman.

4. The movie was so ‘successful’ it spawned imitators such as Debbie Duz Dishes.


I’ll  have to ask my meteorologist friend:

  1. who gives cyclones their names
  2. whether, in his opinion, the namer had any idea they types of headlines the name Debbie would encourage





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