Do you remember “calculator spelling” – making upside-down words from numbers?

Sentimental as Anything

I hadn’t done this silly juvenile thing for years – but I was trying to help my 8-year-old son Orlando settle into  his new school. To take his mind off his shyness I showed him something that was “cool” when I was a kid – calculator spelling.

You should have seen the big smile beam across his face! I showed him 0.7734.

0.7734 – on calculator displays looks like HELLO.


O T leaning tower

Then of course there were all the silly  and juvenile schoolboy type words like 8008 and 58008 and 55378008!

 As I said – this hadn’t crossed my mind in ages – calculator spelling that is  – not 58008!


Trying to be a “Cool Dad” – Here’s  how uncool dad looked back in the 70s when long hair and calculator spelling were popular. I loved those days of the old schoolyard!

Orlando loves hearing stories about the “olden days”!


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