Reflections from a fellow Cure-loving Dad at School drop off

Sentimental as Anything

Don’t you love it when you find a similarly minded person? Someone you share common interests with?

This morning at school drop-off, I enjoyed a good laugh and reflection with a fellow dad at the school.

He shares my interest in music. We are both “young at heart”. Our wives would probably call it “immature”!

In his younger years, my  fellow father friend was heavily “into” different music scenes – including the music of The Cure.

The Cure robert smith big hair

My fellow Cure-loving school dad friend (I’ll not reveal his identity) told me how he really related to a recent post I wrote about how I still loved listening to the music of The Cure.

We spoke about Robert Smith and the evolution of the image of The Cure.

My friend  shared how when he was at school, he had the “more conservative” haircut of “early Robert Smith”.

video the cure a forest

As soon as he was out of…

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