Coldplay concert through the eyes of an AC/DC fan



Last night my wife took our son Orlando and me to the Coldplay concert in Brisbane (early Christmas presents for us!). Coldplay was my son’s first “grown up” concert.

Coldplay is NOT my favourite band – but this was a wonderful night – once I got over my AC/DC attitude and relaxed and just enjoyed the night!

At first the show with its bright fluorescent colours, big colourful inflated balls, and inoffensive and safe atmosphere reminded me of somewhere else I used to take my son when he was young – SOFTPLAY.

Softplay is a fun place for kids  – a place without any sharp edges or danger. Everything is colourful yet padded. Kids can jump around and even fall – but it’s safe.


COLOURFUL and FUN yet SAFE – a bit like Coldplay.

A few years back I fulfilled a life-long ambition to go to an AC/DC concert. Now that did not feel safe – the crowd seemed dangerous, the music seemed loud and angry.  The concert even smelt seedy. I’m sure the fireworks were actually safe – but it looked like you could get hurt.The band and the crowd were not PRETTY. I loved it!

Last night – I loved the Coldplay experience but for very different reasons. The show was beautiful – the production was beautiful. I enjoyed seeing my son’s face light up with joy at the fireworks and the big inflatable balls and the colourful confetti that rained down in a shower of sweetness.

The crowd seemed “nice” and safe – not that there’s anything wrong with that! The people on both sides of us were very friendly and chatty.

The show was spectacular and sometimes SAFE should not be a dirty word especially if you are taking your kid to his first concert.

As I watched the show’s fireworks, they reminded me of how gunpowder can be dangerous and used to destroy OR it can be turned into safe  and pretty pyrotechnics.  Coldplay music has power and it has energy – but it’s safe and controlled and dare I say “cleverly calculated”. To me Coldplay is more pretty pyrotechnics than a weapon or a bomb or a demolition charge trying to shake things up. Sometimes you just want to watch some pretty pyrotechnics and go “aaaaaawwwwwww!” and “wow!”

If I want something more “dangerous” and explosive I’ll listen to  my Acca Dacca – T.N.T.  “I’m a fire load – Watch me explooooooooooooooooode!” (but I digress! Back to Coldplay!)

My wife Monique  (like many but not all of my female friends) absolutely adores Chris Martin. Monique loves that he is so sensitive and evolved and respectful and yet “good-looking”. She loves his dress sense and his “look” – and the way he cares for the world. (Thanks Chris  – for setting such a high standard to what the modern man should be like!!)

My wife Monique loving seeing Coldplay!

 Here’s my view on Chris Martin:

In my opinion even when Chris Martin says the F word (which he did in the concert) it still sounds NICE – like an enthusiastic schoolboy using the word as an intensifier – “That was F’n Amazing!”

When he says it comes across as effusive rather than offensive.

Chris Martin has a stage move where he twirls around like Jim Morrison from the Doors – yet the two performers are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  To me Morrison was full of menace and out of control  – Martin seems full of de-sexualized (nice, safe) joy and he seems such a professional and controlled performer. My female friends may disagree – but that’s my impression.

I was so impressed by Chris Martin’s vocals AND his piano playing. His voice is beautiful is playing is elegant and beautiful. He writes beautiful melodies. He makes intelligent choices like throwing in a bit of Powderfinger for the Brisbane crowd. He was performing solo piano/vocals when he threw in some of “My Happiness” so it was an easy bit of  including a local musical reference for the Brisbane audience.

I know many of my musician friends find Coldplay bland. I wouldn’t call Coldplay bland. They are full of flavour – even if that main flavor is sweetness. Sometimes you want hot and spicy – sometimes you want sweet.

Sometimes it’s OK (even for an AC/DC fan) to appreciate colour and beauty and surrender to the sweetness.

I will have a wonderful lasting impression of the night  – throwing my arms around my wife and son (like rugby players singing their national anthem.) and singing along at the tops of our voices to Coldplay’s beautiful anthems.


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