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The joys of chooks in your backyard – why chooks are better than computer games

O chook

My son absolutely loves it when we visit his grandparents.

My parents live “in the suburbs” – but for my son it’s like a trip to the country – because his grandparents have chooks in the backyard.

For overseas readers – chooks are what we call chickens in Australia.

When I was a kid we and most people in our street had chooks in the back yard.

O egg

I love seeing my son get  so excited about collecting eggs.

He thinks he’s so cool because we don’t have to buy eggs from a supermarket – we get them fresh!

He loves getting me  to “feel” when an  egg is still warm.

“Straight from the chook’s bum!” we say.

eggs in bowl

At home, I often have trouble getting my son off the computer or away from the TV. He’s constantly glued to some type of screen device.

At grandma’s he prefers chooks to computer games!

He gets a buzz from “playing with” the chooks – especially from feeding the chooks from his hand and feeling their “tickle”.

Feeding birds – not angry birds!

O feeding chooks

My mum  proudly tells he backyard chooks are coming back into fashion. She promises to find me magazine articles about it!

She tells me my brother who is a carpenter was “commissioned” to build a fancy chook pen/shed – she describes at the Taj Mahal of chook pens!

(If you need a fancy, fashionable  chook chateau let me know and I’ll pass on your request!)

Aahh simple joys and warm memories –  as warm as an egg fresh from the chook’s bum!

T&O egg