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What did you wear at the beach or pool before the rash vest?

What did you wear at the beach or pool – before rash vests?

Did you just go without any “extra covering”?

I found an old beach fun photo of my brother and me skimboarding and wearing  “pre-rashie” protection organised by our mother – good old white Bonds singlets.

before rashies

At least she could have put is in worker blue singlets to look more macho! Not just little white singlets!

Just joking mum – it was probably a good idea at the time.

But  – How uncool!

What did YOU wear at the beach or pool?

Noosa rashie

I remember surfing (or at least trying to surf) in the 80s and usually going without a rashie – maybe an old T-shirt if you were out there for a while.


When you are a parent – you are constantly covering up your kids with sun protective clothing.

]O rashie 2

I just wish I had cool Ben 10 style rashies (like my son has) back when I was a kid.

O+C rashies

I wonder if there are adult-size Star Wars rashies for BIG KIDS?

Now – rashies are everywhere – except on some British tourists who end up looking like lobsters!