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Why you fell for the Madmen look?


Sometimes you just look at  something and you dig it.  It’s love at first sight. You may not know why – but you fall in love with the look. It connects with something you already like – something deep inside you.

I must have been so influenced at a young age by posters for movies like Vertigo.

My mum worked as as movie  “usherette”  – so from an early age I’d be at the movies   absolutely love the movies, milkshakes and movie posters and great poster art work – like this:


Later when “I fell for” the music of the White Stripes I also loved the look and the art work.

I love the whole White Stripes music and culture package – links to retro but with a modern edge.(well modern for back then when they were big!) I still dig them.


Then when Mad Men came out I fell in lust with the whole “look” of the show – including the opening titles and the Vertigo-inspired Art work.

When I was selecting a theme for this Sentimental As Anything blog I picked a theme that hooked my eye.

Today I bothered to look deeper and I found that the theme is inspired by the style of Saul Bass who created the Vertigo poster.


(I’ve since changed the theme!)

I wonder if Saul knew how influential his art style would become.

He  was probably just doing another design “job” – but what an impact!

I love working with creative advertising people – the word people and the art/design people.

It was a Melbourne advertising creative team that first “turned me on” to Mad Men – way back before the show came to Australia.

I was helping the creative teams improve their pitches.

The creative team members  were so excited about this new show coming out. They had seen the Mad Men look from their advertising connections in the US.

They too loved the whole Mad Men look. It was love at first sight!


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